Wallpaper Is In! 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wallpaper Over Paint


This year has introduced many new trends to the remodeling and design world. One of the biggest being wallpaper! That’s right, the trend you thought was old news is back and it is better than ever. If you ask me, wallpaper never went out of style its only gotten better! Here we will share the top reasons why you should choose wallpaper over paint for your next remodel.


1. Wallpaper has a longer expiration date

Not only has wallpaper been a trend through all the ages but it also lasts nearly 3 times longer than paint. It is more durable and doesn’t need touch ups. This means no going back to refinish or touch up any spots for years to even decades at a time.

It also needs less care. When there is a dirty spot on the walls from years of entertaining or children, you can easily wipe the spot clean whereas paint may leave a shiny or dull spot then leading to more touch ups. With less maintenance and repairs you will end up saving money.

Wallpaper in cabinets

2. Unique and Personable

With wallpaper you can easily spice up any room. Available in all colors, patterns and styles, you will never hear “I have this color in my bathroom”. Your home will look and feel unique!

3. Hide those pesky imperfections

No more worrying about picking a dark wall color to hide those imperfections. This decorative paper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many of the surface imperfections we find on our walls. With its easy ability to adhere to walls you can feel relief in a mess free project away from drips and paint splatters common with everyday paint.


Wallpaper offers so much to a home from durability to unique styles. If you’re looking to add a pop of color, bold styles or any new print to your home, wallpaper is the way to go!

Sydney Brown

Marketing Specialist for Freys Building and Remodeling Co.

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